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While I'm not an expert on RPG games by any stretch, I might be able to help here. You can usally find this stuff in game.

Originally Posted by AdmiralMotti89 View Post
I usually play a fairly balanced character, but recently I started one that focuses mainly on const. and Strength. I have an 8 for wisdom, and have 7 applied to my Treat Injury at the moment. I have looked on many sites and in the manual and cannot figure out how exactly Attributes and skills interact.
Think of it this way:
Strength: dictates damage per hit (essential for melee and lightsaber) and chance to hit. Jedi/sith, and soldiers or anyone whom you plan to use up close.

Dexterity: Decreases your likelihood to BE hit and adds to your defense. Also is essential for ranged fighters. In K2 the finesse feat (once you have it) replaces some things strength grants you for close quarters.

Intelligence: determines your amount of skill points. Point granted every even number of attribute points. And affects a few other things. Certain levels allow for more options in dialog.

Wisdom: affects amount of force points jedi/sith characters have, primarily. Certain levels allow for more options in dialog.

Charisma: both on potency of force powers (dealing out as well as defending from), and unassisted verbal persuasion.

I have a -1 bonus to treat injury. If i have a 10 for wisdom, what would my bonus be?
You have to look at your skill and then see what its related attribute is in the description.

Also more genrally to help in the future, how exactly do these two things (Skills and attributes) intereact, and where can I find information about them, such as charts or something similar? Thanks for any info.
Bonuses are modifiers.

Read the in game descriptions--I know it is confusing at first but it's really not as bad as other games. The related attribute to a skill gives a bonus of points which are there in addition to what you already have.

I.E. High charisma will in turn make a good modifier for the Persuade skill--especially important if you are a consular as diplomacy and negotiation are your strong-suits as opposed to combat. Though you may consider how best to make your main character's combat. If you keep in mind the eventuality that your main character is going to face off against lightsaber wielders with force powers I think it should all be okay.

Intelligence will help out repair and computer use, etc.

Wisdom is for healing I think...

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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