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I'm on Vista 64-bit with the nVidia 190.38 driver, I've followed RS7's Vista Fix guide, made changes spoken using the nhancer program to OpenGL and added the "Disable Vertex Buffer Objects=1" to the swkotor.ini file and saved it. I'm pretty sure I haven't missed anything out from the guides and advice available, but my KotOR I still crashes on the Endar Spire. One time I managed to escape to the Taris Apartment, got outside, and guess what, it crashed then instead. :P

I really want to just play my KotOR on my PC, its been like a dream for the past 6 years at the back of my mind. I gave up on an old PC because it wasn't up to spec. But with my new Vista, I thought I'd give the game a shot again, but argh... my attempts are just so far - failing.

Does anyone have any help or suggestions to offer? Pleeeeeeaaaasssee!! I don't want to give up on this game.

EDIT: Actually, one detail I did not complete with the nhancer program was "to select the open GL driver version". As I didn't know how to do this. Could this be the solution?

EDIT II: I think I found the right option and set the driver to the highest option available to me, 3.1. That didn't help though. So... I did some more searching on these star wars forums... found another page with yet even more advice to get the game working...

After following Part II and Part III, just now I've managed to play through the Endar Spire and explore the Upper City Taris without a problem. When I get the chance, I'm gonna start from the beggining now and play through the whole game properly.

I couldn't have done this without the community, so thanks!

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