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Okay, everyone can relax now... moved to the appropriate forum and merged.

The DVD-ROM is $36.99 for pre-order on Amazon. Release date: Nov 3, 2009 (same as the other
platforms of Sith Edition). page

Amazon says:

* Use the Force like never before with devastating attacks and combos on enemies
* Discover the untold story of Darth Vader's secret apprentice and the major events in the
Star Wars universe after the rise of the Empire
* Digital Molecular Matter technology lets you feel the true power of the Force; Objects in the environment
break, bend, shatter, splinter and shift as they would in real life
* Enemies are influenced by euphoria, a behavioral technology that allows characters to react in different
and unique ways every time you play the game, whether they are jumping to safety or on the receiving
end of your Force power and lightsaber attacks

Here are the quoted system requirements according to this site:

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - Ultimate Sith Edition
System Requirements*
Intel CPU - Core 2 Duo T5500 1.66GHz
AMD CPU - Turion 64 X2 Mobile TL-52
Nvidia Graphics Card - Geforce 6800 GS
ATI & Intel Graphics Card - Radeon 9800 Pro
RAM - 1 Gbs
Hard Disk Space - 7 Gbs
Direct X - 9
* System requirements displayed are based on recommended system requirements and should be
used as a guide only.

Not so bad... Looks like all I need is some more RAM and I can play this one.
I hope there will be a playable demo!

I might be a bit interested... though I hope they do something with the Multiplayer, because from
what I've seen the offerings for TFU were pretty meager. If this is going to just be a single player
focused game, it won't begin to satisfy JK fans, hungry for another entry in that
best-of-all-Star-Wars-games series!

But, it's good to see it's happening finally... I feel "less snubbed" by LucasArts now. Of course
I have low expectations about multiplayer, and am even less hopeful about modability.

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