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Originally Posted by Padwon_link View Post
Just finished these requests from the site (about 1 hr of work):

Snowdrift v1; Snowdrift v2

Cap Tak; MARPAT; Dwarren (needs work, model was pixelated...need to get another model)

EDIT:Long time no see Zreak-tan!! Nice job, it is good for a first in a while .
Those are very well done Padawan! Great job. Sorry I haven't been able to make many commandos lately, tomorrow I will post some. It's getting late where I come from and I'm gonna turn in.
Originally Posted by Zraek-tan View Post
Hey, I'd say I'm new to this but I'm not really. I used to go to the older versions of this thread to request commandos. I even (poorly) made a few commandos myself. Anyhow, I just made this guy in about half an hour. Enjoy.


His feet kind of bug me though.
Well, I'd say it's very good for a first in while as well! Keep up the good work everyone! (I think the feet are fine)

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