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Well first off, those might NOT be the final specs, second, this is for a game that is a year old...

What is the part that's making you worried, that you think this game won't look "as good as other games coming out this fall" or that it has been "drastically scaled back" as the old interview implied was the only way to make this game a reality on the PC?

Frankly I wouldn't worry about the last bit. I think it was spin and damage control. The system obviously works, and it's not the graphics that are the issue. Either mid-level PC's really weren't up to snuff 14 months ago, or else he was just saying that when the real reason was they wanted to suck as much profit out of the game as they could by having it as a console exclusive (console owners having to pay more for games, piracy is generally harder, if they don't want people to edit it to make mods, they can't, etc) and they can take their time and save money on the Q&A that's necessary for a PC game (having to test it with a lot more hardware configurations and patch if necessary to make it minimally playable on most systems).

Now just going by videos I've seen and screenshots (since I've never played the actual game), the graphics for TFU are better than JA. I'm sure there are going to be games out this year that look better than that, but graphics aren't the end all, be all. Ultimately it's the gameplay that matters. This game was advertised on the fact that you could levitate people and throw stormtroopers around with lightning and play as an evil Jedi. If the game does that, and does it well, I'm happy. Though if it that's ALL you can do, and it doesn't have robust multiplayer, then it won't hold the attention of JK crowd (which will have had nothing to do with graphics anyway).

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