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Well if that were the case, then we could probably expect the multiplayer to be ported with it, right?

Instead, I got the distinct impression (maybe I'm mistaken) that this was based on the PS3/360 version.
Surely today's consumer PC's are at least as powerful as the PS3/360 (3 and 4 year old technology,

I mean, why not say it was based on the PS2 version? That was scaled down as well, right?

Then again, if they really wanted to (but this might require actual work) they could have the single
and multiplayer be separate exe's (like JA and JK2 had for their Single and Multi modules) and use the
360/PS3 for Single, and the Wii for MP. I take back what I said about "split screen." That was clearly
inaccurate, since the (wii) video I saw showed two Jedi running around ("Soul Calibur" style, or like in
the Episode III console game) fighting each other. So they could duplicate that with online content if
they wanted to (or make it "hot seat" only, like LEGO Star Wars 1/2). That would SUCK if that's all we
got for MP, but at least it would be SOMETHING. Though if you couldn't even use your new powers or
skills, it would just be a poor man's JA.

Hopefully there will be some kind of official announcement, developer interview or in-depth review to
clarify these things. Otherwise I guess we don't have long to wait to find out...

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