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Yes, I will consider this a "console game ported to PC." That may or may not be a bad thing,
we'll see, but I am under no illusions that this was built from the ground up for PC gamers!

Sort of like how KOTOR was originally a console exclusive, then was later ported to PC,
and that seemed to have turned out okay. Or it may turn out like the PC SW Battlefront,
which despite when it was released, felt like it had been "dumbed down" (what people sometimes
call "console-itis," where a PC game is just a slavish clone of the console, not taking advantage
of the PC format at all).

Correct me if I'm wrong too, but weren't the PC versions of Spider-Man 2 and 3, REALLY dumbed
down on the PC (like, even from the console versions)? It might be that in that case the high
system requirements were because they didn't do much to try to optimize it for the PC (though
I'm no tech expert).

aren't all games nowdays better than JA graphics wise?
That's just saying that every new game looks better than the Q3 engine. I frankly don't care
about "all games," only games that render Jedi swinging light sabers and throwing lightning
around in a futuristic setting.

Of course JA came out in 2003. A game released six years later, BETTER have superior graphics,
if for no other reason than the march of technology... but yeah, ultimately that will take a
backseat to the quality of the game play.

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