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Lol, you guys are on fire!

Gotta finish my squad soon...but I'm flooded with siggy requests...


IC-Boss of Delta Squad, the Leader of the Squad
IC-Fixer of Delta Squad, the Slicer
IC-Scorch of Delta Squad, the Demolitions Expert
IC-Sev of Delta Squad, the Sniper

What do you think?

*NOTE: They are Imperial Commandos now, so don't expect them to look the same. I made them look just about how they should if they wore their own armor, but added something special too.(For all you Sev haters, he survived so suck it up! )

"...Turns to me, and he says,
'why so serious, son?'
Comes at me with the knife...
'Why so serious?'
He sticks the blade in my mouth...
'Let's put a smile on that face!' "

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