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1) You can't just jump into modding and make a conversion mod like this. Read the documentation like Jedi Creation and Getting Started. Once you've done that, I won't be speaking gibberish.

2) From assets, copy the REP folder into data_ABC\Sides. In data_ABC\Sides\REP, change the ODF files for each unit that you want changed. For example, rep_inf_ep3trooper.odf. Change the line I posted above to the .msh you want. In this case, whatever is used for the Clone Commander. Once you're done making any changes, edit your ABCc_con.lua the way that it taught you in the documentation. Munge.

3) Copy the rep.lvl out of your mod maps directory (GameData\addon\ABC etc...) and into _LVL_PC\Sides. This'll put it in-game.

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It is LucasArts.
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