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^^^TBH I screwed up a few things and did not get through the game as efficiently as I could. I think that is a more realistic number.

Originally Posted by Mono_Giganto View Post
I didn't even realize that could be pulled off in TSL. How does the game handle the endings, and adding Visas to your party if your level never swings too far from neutral?
That character was a female, so if it's romancing you are talking about with Visas...
OTherwise, meh, it's just like if you do get prestige. With me it happened to end up DS so I presume that is her default since I don't remember what (if any) other factors might have been put into play. I think even on the 1-200 scale if you are even 1 point in either direction that decides it... If you are 0 or perfect neutral, I'd assume DS anyway. (Feel free to try it and hack the LS/DS with the cheat console.)

Endings wise, it's no different.

As for why the level cap is so high, I always figured it was more arbitrary than anything; it was an easy way of "disposing" of the level cap by just setting it to something nobody could reasonably get to.
I think the bug was put in the game since it is the only way you can reach LV 50 I have ever found. Kind of fits if you think about it, actually. Some ancient sith magic exercising you and making you stronger.

Originally Posted by Darth InSidious View Post
There was also to be an extra planet and a good deal more content, which may have been meant to fill out the extra levels a little; presumably, balancing the game would have come next...
Actually I have always believed this to be the case as well--not that it's too hard to figure out. But it doesn't matter, you sir are a genius anyway for your deductive reasoning. Don't *anyone* knock his hustle!

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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