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Originally Posted by xone View Post
I'd like to help with the dirty work, but I don't have needed files..
I've tried compile this project by my self using mkspeech, but I've got monster.so3 about 5MB from over 3000 MP3 files.. Anyway, there wasn't any voices during the game (I've decompile and compile again .txt file using scummtr of course)..

Regards, X.


I'm trying compile this project again..
I can't get worked dialog splitter tool (I surely don't have

Can anyone write down in one place all needed tools and download links? Thanks in advanced.

***edit 2
OK. I have manage to compile this..
I couldn't use dialog splitter tool because of missing file I think.
But I have about 130MB monster.so3 file and I can hear voices during play..

Anyway someone could write down in one place all needed tools and download links.. Maybe i have miss something and I didn't made it correctly..

Testing now.. It's nice...
Wow... it's great that you did it The bad thing is that you didn't say WHAT DID YOU do (what exactly links did you use, how did you use them) to make it work and some people still has no idea how to hear SE voices in normal game :/
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