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Post Episode I - 10 Years in Retrospect

On May 19, 1999 AD, the most anticipated film of all time was released in theaters. This movie was Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace, a prequel to the rest of the Star Wars trilogy, The Phantom Menace takes place 37 years prior to the events in A New Hope. Now we celebrate 10 years since the revival of the Star Wars film saga, and 10 years since the release of Episode I. Feel free to share your EP1 stories, thoughts on the movie, the hype, and whether or not you remember the day it came out in theaters or not. I personally do not recall the day that EP1 came out, since I was like 8, but I wish I did. One thing I do remember though is all the merchandise for the film. I kind of got the idea to make this thread because I watched Fanboys yesterday (September 8, 2009 AD). So cheers to 10 years to Episode I, and cheers to you, the fans and readers. Please, feel free to reply.

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