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@Zhuk etc > I will be having a shot at RTM x64 this weekend I'll keep all ye posted.

Edit: Apologies for the delay Ive been quite busy... Anwyay, Ive just had a go at KOTOR 1. I pretty much replicated the process as listed for W7 RC.

I have enabled XP SP2 compatibility mode for swkotor.exe. after some initial gripes. Apart from some flickering during the save screen I have not had any issues on W7 RTM x64

I am using 190.68 nvidia drivers, with the August 2009 directx also installed(this completes directX9 libraries) >> I noticed this when (previously installed) mass effect refused to start in W7 RTM x64 after it was newly installed > citing this error as the reason

Other than that Ive encountered no issues so far. Of course, Ive only played to Telos. If anyone want to send a savegame for me to try a specific level - i'd be happy to do so. Please note >> I have NOT patched or updated anything to do with KOTOR1. I am runing v1.00 off my original game disc.

Heres a screenie with sys info window so you can see Im on RTM (7600) x64. I needed to force windowed mode in kotor ini to get this grab

I can try K2 later, but as per the Win7 RC results, I dont think I'll see anything different....


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