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That's not to say I don't care about any non-Star Wars games, I'm just saying for
purposes of this discussion, I'll be comparing TFU's graphics and gameplay to

This game will be judged to how well it stacks up to other titles that let you do the
same thing (play as a saber/force character in real time combat). So if it's the best
looking, most fun Jedi action game to date, then I'm one happy customer...

But somehow I don't think that will be the case, for the MP factor, and the mod ability factor.

With regard to SWBF2, there's no reason why the modding for that game shouldn't
have been fantastic (to be honest I haven't kept up with that community since went down and it became clear no more official patches were
ever coming out, but I used to check those sites constantly). Republic Commando
on the other hand had such mediocre MP options that it just seemed pointless.

Modding is great, but most of the work needs to already be done with the engine, in
terms of examples provided... stuff that people can build off of. It can't just be an
absolutely bare bones game, where you can sit back and expect a community of players
to invent stuff from scratch like for the original Quake. The days when that was a realistic
possibility are long gone.

So if the game came with four saber dueling maps, then you could realistically expect
maybe a few dozen saber dueling maps and some skins to be made over the game's
lifetime, but that's IF the tools were released in a timely fashion and the game actually sells.

Lucas' strategy thus far has been to time the release of a new "hot" Star Wars game
with a Star Wars related DVD release. I don't remember hearing about anything coming
out in November on that front... but then I thought those kind of "promotions" tended to
actually work out against us, by rushing the games out before they were ready. In this
case though, they've had plenty of time to polish it, so if they were going to do anything,
this is the time.

I mean, sadly, my expectations are so low, I'm expecting this to be a "fire and forget"
release, unless there are some major, game-stopping bugs present in the shipped version.

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