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Originally Posted by Varrok View Post
Wow... it's great that you did it The bad thing is that you didn't say WHAT DID YOU do (what exactly links did you use, how did you use them) to make it work and some people still has no idea how to hear SE voices in normal game :/
Well.. Isn't too hard to compile this project but you need read whole thread carefully. Sometimes you need search for needed tools using google.

OK. Here is what I have done (if I shouldn't write this all step-by-step instruction, moderator please delete this post).

0 ) YOU NEED TO BUY Your own copy of The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition!
1 ) After install you need get MI CD files that are inside SE version. Extract Monkey1.pak and get classic/en/monkey1.* (tool to extract:
2 ) Extract audio\MusicOriginal.xwb (tool to extract:
3 ) Now convert xma files to wav (tool to convert
4 ) Convert WAV files to MP3/OGG/FLAC. Rename them starting track1.*
5 ) Extract audio\Speech.xwb (tool above)
6 ) Convert WAV files to MP3 (OGG or FLAC are not supported yet).
7 ) Now You need patch Your Monkey files that you extracted - You should backup files then you will have original files if you fail (here is patch
8 ) After patching extract scumm script with command scummtr -cw -g monkeycdalt -of mi1.txt -h -H (the tool:
9 ) Now if you have all MP3 files and mi1.txt in one folder you can make monster.so3 and mi1new.txt (here is the tool:
10) Now compile scumm script into the game files with command scummtr -cw -g monkeycdalt -if mi1new.txt -H
11) Monkey files (Monkey1.000 and Monkey1.001) copy with all 24 tracks and Monsetr.so3 to the same directory and use ScummVM to play..
12) Enjoy and say Thanks to the authors!

Thank you jott, LogicDeLuxe, cocomonk22 and all other hard working on this project!

PS. I have found SCUMMBLER (and needed environment) but I don't know how and when use dialog splitter
PS2. Using all steps described above I can play with speeches but sometimes there is no voices or voices are messed. Can I correct it manually?
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