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Originally Posted by Te Mirdala Mand'alor View Post
Blaphemer! Get out!
How silly of me to voice a dissenting opinion.

Karen Traviss is the only Star Wars writer who gives Mandalorians the positive attention they deserve.
I'd agree in some respects. They deserved attention, but not to this extent. She can't write a single Star Wars book without including Mandalorians, and most of the time she doesn't even write about the story, getting bogged down describing what an Uj cake looks and tastes like, or some other stupid nonsense.

It was a mistake to allow her to be the only writer allowed to write about Mandalorians and associated characters.

They deserved some elaboration, and a culture, beyond an evil band of murdering mercenaries, but all of this ridiculous language crap was unneccessary. In fact, when I read her Legacy of the Force books, at times it's more like reading a dictionary than a novel.
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