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I would recommend Jedi Outcast. I've played them both, and "JK3: Jedi Academy" was a step backwards imo.

Better combat by far in Multiplayer in JK2: Jedi Outcast, more fluid and enjoyable, flowing movement. JK3 is basically an elaborate chatroom

Very hard to track down copies to purchase these days as I don't think it's still in circulation. Not sure who's responsible for this link, or if it's official, but here's one source to get it:

[link removed by acdcfanbill] <--- Edit: My mistake, unaware that was illegal - $naX.

Also - if you're looking into effects, get yaself a good "bloodmod" Also enter in your console (SHIFT + ~) "/cg_dismember 3000" to enable dismemberment in saber combat <3

Anyway, i'm $naX & have played Outcast for many years. If you decide to get it, I manage a fairly unusual clan (we're not for everyone) and if you're interested, look us up. [A+]
Happy to help you pick up the techniques of the game.

- $naX

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