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Holyyyy ****!

Whats up llamas.

I cant believe its been over 10 years. I still talk to a few people from the MotS, mostly YoungGun, and Dragonfire's mom.

I work as an artist now, for a video game company in LA, but illustration and gallery shows is my true passion. You can check out my art n stuff at

I played Wow for a good bit, but I think I'm done with that part of my life, I spend most of my video game hours playing Call of Duty on 360 (add me: sirmitcheii)

and for all the gay dudes out there, heres a picture of my wife, my new pal, and me

If you guys ever want to catch up, hit me up on aim at lazymitchell or on gtalk at mikepmitchell

or just email me.

****, what a blast from the past this thread is....
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