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I'm finally realizing the allure of Sierra's adventure games. I finished King's Quest II and III and after III, and I'm actually starting to become attached to King Graham and his family.

King's Quest II was pretty tedious with the going back and forth finding the keys. And the fact that you could only cross the bridge the exact amount of times you needed to get the keys without warning that the bridge was going to fall was pretty evil, even by Sierra standards.

But the storyline of King's Quest III was great. The timed puzzles with the wizard were tedious, and they didn't let you know how much time you had before the wizard got back (at least not that I noticed). But, once the part with the wizard was done, the rest of the game was really enjoyable. I knew the ending already (it's hard stay away from spoilers of a 20 year old game), but it was still really enjoyable nonetheless.
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