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Coruscant Entertainment Center

Darth Betrayal

No era given: The children of the Wookiee listen to stories.

The setting is interesting, but I for one would have wished to hear the professional just to see the balance. Good work.

Reality Show 2012: Skeletons in my Closet

NonSW Fiction: A new reality show is revealed

The piece sounds interesting. I for one loathe reality shows. My usual sarcastic comment is that if you want a real reality show, grab a bunch of Amish and dump them in Las Vegas, or a tribe of Kalahari bushmen dumped in any big city.

The modern reality show puts them in tough situations, but nothing really life threatening.


This piece was reviewed previously, and this is a requested second review.

The biggest problem Alkonium is that musicals are not really my thing; The last musical I saw that I enjoyed was 1776.

The plot is good, like any where a utopian society faces some grit in the gears. Remember that the word Utopia if translated directly from the original Greek meant ‘no place’. Such societies are always static because change would cause disruption. But as the Norse gods found out, a static society leads to Ragnarok.

I, Avenian
Lord of Hunger

This piece was reviewed previously, and this is a requested second review.

Technical comment: Ordering that no prisoners would be taken is not only a violation of the Jedi mindset, it is a war crime. Units have done so in history, the First Special Service Force from WWII comes to mind, but if you are trying to break the morale of an enemy, it is not a way to do it. The only thing that would come of it is the enemy would use the same attitude. The problem you would have is everyone who was sick of fighting would keep fighting all the harder, and any of your men already captured would now be at risk. Worse yet, if there were honest trials afterward, your actions would be considered the cause of the enemy’s action, so the guilt of all of those unnecessary deaths would be yours to shoulder.

Remember, the rallying cry of the Texas War of Independence was to remember the Alamo and Goliad, both places where captured prisoners were killed out of hand.

One question; was the Mando’a woman killed protecting Cathar civilians supposed to be any relation to my Merissa, as in her daughter Tirith?


Light Side Female Revan

Sleepless Nights

Starting two months PostKOTOR: As memories emerge, Revan must go to the Unknown Region, leaving her love behind

The piece is interesting, primarily because of the vague nature of her memories. The scene on the planet at the end, her cursing her ship and threatening the local wildlife was choice.

The Reunion

Ten years PostKOTOR: A badly batter Revan is returned to the Republic, and Carth can only undertake a vigil at her side.

If this is supposed to be a sequel for sleepless nights, then Revan appears to have slipped her leash again. The vigil, and HK’s reaction was well done.

Light Side Male Revan

New Dawn Fades, Prelude

KOTOR Aboard Star Forge: Revan has only one choice, and even as he acts, he regrets it.

The piece was poignant. The scene is etched in your mind as you picture it, and while you know what he must do, you regret it almost as much as he does.

Pick of the Week

Carth's Blaster, Part 1

KOTOR on Manaan: Bastila and Mission team up to retrieve Carth’s blaster… The fact that Mission is the one who lost it in a pazaak game is purely incidental…

The piece was amusing, primarily in Mission’s constant attempts to make it ‘their’ problem rather than her own, and twisting Bastila around her finger like a cheap dime store ring. It’s a pity I won’t have the time to follow up on it. With this as an example, I’m seriously bummed.

Pick of the Week

Light Side Male Exile

Hunter Chronicles
Darth Hunter

Possibly Post TSL: A Sith lord begins hunting the Ebon Hawk’s crew.

The piece flowed well, but the battle was confusing. The main reason is with seven light saber wielding people fighting, there isn’t a compartment aboard the Ebon Hawk large enough for the battle you describe. Also, it would have been more logical for him to disable the ship first rather than board. The scene cutting through the blast door is reminiscent of Phantom Menace, but a ship as small as the Ebon Hawk would not have redundant blast doors; there isn’t enough space in the deck plan to hold them.

That Old, Familiar Feeling

PostTSL: One way to get him to talk is get him drunk

The piece flowed very well, and as much as Bastila denigrated it, delaying the inevitable is a good choice if you’re overmatched. The scene in the bar was perfect, and I had not anticipated that the waitress would be Mission. I understood Atton’s fear, as we all do (The scene usually happens on Nar Shaddaa) so moving it to here after the game is a well thought out tactic.

The Wayside, Chapter One
gan xinqba

Originally posted 13 January 2006 Original review below;

Set in KOTOR II I believe. An intelligence agent and an ex-Jedi apprentice investigate the suspicious deaths of several Jedi masters.

Written in a journalistic style, the author leads you gently into the story with a bit about the main character, setting the scene and characters, and draws you into his created world. Very well done.

Reprise Pick of the Week

Stray Shot

TSL after Nar Shaddaa: A dream reveals some reality

The basics are good. The dream segueing into the present with Mira finally recognizing the person in it smoothly done. The idea that the Exile needed to be redeemed from the dark side and her actions then had done so well done.

Pick of the Week

'To argue with those who have renounced the use and authority of reason is as futile as to administer medicine to the dead.' Now who said that?

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