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Hey, thanks for this awesome mod! Epic goodness. loving it thus far.

I have bug where I'm stuck.
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I had patch 1.1 installed before I started the game on a fresh install on windows XP. And I did notice in the patch release notes:
'Fixes a bug where sometimes the screen would not fade in at the beginning of bos_orion2.mod.'
But I'm still having this problem (though I'm not sure if my problem is at the beginning or not). Reloading doesn't skip the bug. Is there anything I can do to bypass this point?

I'll game edit my way out if I have to, just not sure what to do.

Edit: Well, I got past it. I found the menu and saved in the midst of the blackout. Exited the game, then when I loaded the game the script started (where the guys where shooting each other) and everything worked.

Again, excellent mod thus far!

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