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Originally Posted by Padwon_link View Post
Nice I like the one based off your avy

You chose the way I thought would be to confusing but oh well

EDIT: This is Kazz
I like it, it's good to see the arm chainsaw used once again.

Originally Posted by Revan_Malak View Post
Kazz rocks!

And K1, that's how I used to do them
I also used to do it that way, at least until I figured out the layer style/blending options. I think it's just a little easier(at least for adjusting) and better quality doing it the layer style/blending way.

Originally Posted by K1lingdr3ad View Post
Yes, Kazz is awesome. Here is a little something a made .

Commando Cody: *snip*
Oh, and is there a tool in photoshop that allows you to make even lines, kinda like the rectangle tool, except slanted?
If you hold down the lasso button, it should pull out 2 or three options, select the polygon selector

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