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Name: RC-1129 Venkuyot "Ven"
Colors: Light blue knee pads/elbow pads, dark gray shins/feet/forearms/hands, light gray shoulder pads, black Republic symbols on both, black Myhtosaur skull on right breast plate, t-shape outline of the visor is light blue.
Weapon: DC-17 standard
Other: A lightsaber hanging from his belt, a lightsaber burn mark/cut from right hip to left shoulder on the chestplate.

Name: RC-1127 Tracyn
Colors: Armor covered in red dust and black soot, with a small red Republic symbol just above the center of the visor.
Weapon: DC-17 anti-armor

they're for a fanfic, and i can imagine them pretty well, but i want to see what they would actually look like
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