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Originally Posted by Char Ell View Post
Anandtech - Beginnings of the Holodeck: AMD's DX11 GPU, Eyefinity and 6 Display Outputs

So what are everybody's thoughts on AMD's Eyefinity technology, where one GPU renders a display to 3-6 monitors? From what I've read it sounds like this tech works pretty well on AMD's new GPU's.
Simply due to price factors...6 display outputs are surely most useful for corporate, high end graphical industry and technical setups. I had to save for a damn year to get my 30" monitor... I definitely dont want to buy 6 of them, or a new eyefinity display for that matter...

Unless you are one of those weird dudes that accumulates many CRT monitors for Flight Simulator, or maybe just to simulate you are in the Space Shuttle
(nb.I didnt make this poster so dont blame the typo on me!)

The Holodeck comparison is a bit ridiuclous. There is no 3D. The closest you can get to that are systems such as heliodisplay, and this isnt really ready to enter the mainstream market/gaming world yet.......

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AMD really need to focus on two things.

*Making the performance competitive CPUs at best competitive price
*Making the performance competitive GPUs at best competitive price

I know they have a nice little slice of the server and mobile market, and forever rabbit on about their Duke Nukem-esque fusion CnGPU... but until they take care of the top two things, they will never get that 2004 mojo back

Heck, maybe they dont want it back???


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