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In a rush to exit the besieged plane, Aiden took a moment to consider whether Atrianna would need his help or not, and then he grabbed Eve's arm and bailed. She rolled her eyes and followed him to the door. Some soldier handed them very heavy backpacks.

"Put these on."

Easier said than done. Taking a couple of minutes to equip the gear, the soldier was becoming impatient, but finally the other soldiers left the plane and Aiden and Eve were standing the in the doorway, their hair reaching for the sky, and the rush of the airy abyss looming for them.

Smiling at Eve, she glared at him, and then he took a bold and shaky step out of the plane.

And dropped.

The experience was somewhat thrilling, but, given the circumstances, it was not the most enjoyable activity. Soon, however, Aiden could make out objects on the ground, which included people.

Aiden had no idea that his ally from long ago, Vlad, was watching him.
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