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Theres a slight issue with the TeletoPlayer code but ive fixed it.

//	Get the name they supplied, and we'll try to work out the clientNum
	strcpy( name, ConcatArgs(1) );
	j = ClientNumberFromString  (ent, name );

	//Because G_ClientNumberFromName will return -1 if they couldn't find anything,
	//	we have to safeguard, otherwise we'd teleport to some weird location
	if ( j == -1 || j>=MAX_CLIENTS )
	{// 'j' wasn't between 0 <-> 32, so warn them and exit this function
I've used ClientNumberFromString instead as its more stable and You don't need to print an error message since that function does it for you

It also works with ClientNumbers; so /teletoplayer 2 would tele you to Client 2 no matter what their name is.

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