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Originally Posted by Jona View Post
I still can't guarantee that it will work, but I can say with some certainty that this will work on 95-99% of Windows platforms.

Make a full install to HD, download this archive:

and extract it to your game folder. Overwrite all files when prompted.


NB! Note that this will change the games written language to english! I don't own other language editions. The trick is to make a full install to hd, apply the patch from LucasArts yourself and replace the main executable with the one from my archive. The aforementioned can all be done with bgbennyboys installer for Grim Fandango:

Note!: This does not fix compatibility issues with newer Nvidia cards.
Im using that modified setup, and it gives me the alternative to atleast play grim in windowed mode, cause choosing fullscreen causes game crasch directley
..i suppose my global destop resolution 1680X1050 can affect a bit so if i want to play in fullscreen what is the right resolution i must sett desktop to?

it thou troubles me to see that enabling 3d accelerator ingame causes some small pixel looses, on the other hand i have setted my ATI with 8x anti aliasing and 16X anisotropic filtering, will that create same effect as the ingame graphic accelerator would have made?
so is there any one in here who plays with both 3d accelerator and it who can compare them?
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