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Originally Posted by Tobias Reiper View Post
Did Bethesda even MAKE the first game?
From what I can tell, all three games were made by different developers, so why is it NOW that one of them is getting their panties in a bunch over a new game by different developers?
The first two (and all of the spin-off titles) were made by Interplay. The third was made by Bethesda, who now own the rights to all things Fallout.

That's why they're suing. Interplay was to develop V13 on condition that they raised enough money (around 30 million, IIRC) in two years - and Bethesda was to recieve around 10-15% of profits from the MMO.

Now, seeing as the deadline has passed, Interplay look set to lose any licensing rights to the Fallout Franchise. It must be pretty bitter for them, losing the rights to develop an MMO set in the universe that was born at Interplay.
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