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3D Acceleration on an 8500GT?

OS: Windows Vista 64-bit Home Premium
4 GB RAM (doesn't affect performance)
Nvidia GeForce 8500GT

I can run the game just fine (levels load in like than a second)
But when I try to run the game with 3D Acceleration on, I get this.

It's like Kyle stopped seeing the world around him and ultimately only saw himself in a black void of nothing. Amusing potential for existentialism, but really crippling in a game.

This is running the game with all standard settings, custom profile created, and compatibility mode set. I haven't used any mods or any patches. The gun shows up just fine, how do I get the rest of the world to show up, though?

I'd much prefer to have 3D Acceleration on with as little problem as possible, only because running without it causes a TON of lag when I get near anything with transparency (as in, I'll drop to around 1-2 FPS up close)
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