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Originally Posted by Mono_Giganto View Post
Nope I was just referring to how she gets added to the party; I was always under the impression that the cutscene that is triggered before she gets added doesn't get triggered until you are above 75% or below 25% on the alignment scale.
Hmm...well I don't think it has to be precisely that number... I'd say by a certain point in the game, at the latest, having encountered one Jedi Master (learned a form) and on the edge of point of no return (mission wise) on all other planets before completing them.

I don't believe I went more than a little light or dark ever in that game and I wound up facing her after completing dantooine first.

Separate game: If your character cannot beat her, make her chase you around the ship, once she has come into the workbench room opposite the side of ship entrance (at least for me) that automatically triggered her defeat cutscene. Not sure if it's consistent, though I'd imagine there is something programmed in case your character CANNOT beat visas when she attacks you. A somewhat unbalanced consular on HARD for example.

I guess my curiosity for glitch finding has grown to an interest in modding, though right now I'm working on a fanfic. But I do have intentions, yes. When I see some of my unshared ideas coming to light by others, I guess my competitive side comes out.

Originally Posted by Endorenna View Post
I always get to 50.


Because I cheat.

And I don't use the Korriban glitch, either. Did that once, took way too long and I was stuck without a prestige class. >_<
All the more reason to hold off on that tomb and claw at kreia for your prestige class first...and if possible avoid leveling up much past lv 15 or 16 until then...easier said than done.

Though for time spent, I can't really say I blame you, much akin to trying to level up max on CV2 for NES:
1) it's *so* late in the game why bother?
2) that game was also rushed out and incomplete (the hints to solve it are so anti intuitive you require a cheat guide to even beat it--hope to rectify in an improvement romhack), so the game is unbalanced as is
3) Takes FOREVER
4) makes for a rather underwhelming last fight
5) If you're smart, you'll end up with a fire whip anyway which is not unlike a whip lightsaber in that game.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.

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