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10 year veteran! interviews the developers.

Leonard Boyarsky, for those who don't know, was also one of the founders of Troika.

"The Monk is the Holy warrior of the game," he explains. "He is a member of a sect... a position in society where they report directly to the priest-kings. They're raised from an early age in secluded monasteries where they're taught to become pure expressions of their gods through the perfection of fighting techniques. So, to them, fighting is a way of praying, or giving thanks to god.

"Everything they do, for them, is sanctified. To prove how dedicated they are, they get a tattoo put on their back that is a symbolic representation of their one thousand and one gods - it takes their whole life to complete. Everything in their life is dedicated to their religion, their gods."
No doubt the Holy Order is headed by Gen. Eric...
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That's what Control said.
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