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*sigh* guess we're going to have to bring this up again.

okay, first:
Originally Posted by Lord of Hunger
Well it true!!!

Okay, canon aside(you guys made me regret bringing it up.)

I'm going to try to be reasonable.
Two different kinds of battles I made up for any future vs. threads.

Lightsaber Battle:
Honestly, who's surprised I vote Revan? Anakin has much potential but, nowhere near the power of Revan, they are both good in their own way. But really, it's pretty obvious Revan dominates Anakin so....
Winner: Revan

Battle of Force: Do I really need to go into detail about this?
Winner: Revan. Hands down.

So, yeah, I vote Revan, I hope to be able to go into more detail with these comparisons, but for now, I don't need to go into much.

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