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ok, so i'm looking to start a new build for my next computer (the old one is up for sale now). normally, i'm not one to look for advise in this particular area, but i managed to get myself a pretty good deal by trading a 500GB WD Caviar Black for a small-form factor ATX case (in particular, its a Shuttle, although i forgot the model number). i'm probably going to use it since i need something more portable this time around for a number of reasons (such as switching residences, LAN parties, etc).

now, i'm aware that i need a mini ATX factor board and so on, but i do have a couple of quick questions:

1. is there a way i can get my hands on a power supply that's designed for small form factors (ie, shorter cables, smaller size, etc) that can also put out big power??

2. i'm also concerned with cooling because of the thermal properties of a smaller case. should i stick with the stock coolers for whatever CPU i use, or is there something better (and noise is not a factor)??

and finally, i'm aiming to have all the parts ordered probably in November so i can take advantage of the W7 launch, the Radeon 58xx launch, and the Intel Core i5/i7 launch. the problem right now is that i'm not really wanting to go Intel (my heart aches at the thought), and i'm not convinced that a PII 940 BE is going to cut it for future proofing. given AMD's track record of supporting the AM2/AM2+ Socket, though, i'm wondering if there wouldn't be some merit in going AMD with an AM3 board and upgrading to the latest and greatest AMD has when it comes out.

basically, should i commit to an AMD platform with reduced performance with the inent of upgrading later, or should i just give in and go Intel and get the high end performance i want right now??

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