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Originally Posted by RedHawke View Post
For the record I looked up "False Sith" on Google and there seems to be a fanon reference for a False Sith Crusade far after the OT occured (mentions Imperial Remnants) and or maybe something Bane may have said about other Sith Lords (which doesn't make it fact), once I saw a link to this very thread and your post on the first page of the search I concluded the term you used here "False Sith" was likely of your own making for Revan's status. As such your arguments validity goes right into the dumpster.

So don't call others on leaving logic behind when you are just as guilty of it yourself in the very same post.

If you have some sort of link to where you got this "False Sith" information I would be happy to check it out.
IIRC Path of destruction: Bane came to a realization that the brotherhood of darkness was nothing but cowards, weaklings, and sycophants. I don't clearly remember the passage w/ the words false sith came up. Could be in there, wouldn't surprise me. I just looked a glance through and didn't find it. I could re-read the novel entirely I suppose. But FTR, whatever he said, it was in reference to the others of the sith at that time, the way bane thought of them in disgust.
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