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Originally Posted by Jkmc View Post
Guys, read the ReadMe's that come with the mods. Your problem is with Recruitable Kay. If you use the work-around that is enclosed with the mod (it's under the folder called bug fix) and replace the lev40_carth.dlg (It's a 14KB size file) with the one provided (which is 40KB) (be sure to keep the first one (the 40KB one), you will have to replace the one included with the mod (the 14KB file) with it again). Be sure to do this after the Leviathan, or you will reach another complication (at the end of the Unknown Planet, when you are about to leave for the Star Forge).

Also, consider this: it could not have been the BoS:SR mod because that takes effect after the Leviathan.
Thanks for the help...I'm sorry, I missed that going through the ReadMe's when I first downloaded the mods.
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