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Originally Posted by Ma Ping
@LoH: Geez, I state a comment about what I've observed and I get an angry response. Sheesh...
Angry response? That was hardly in the realm of angry. More like slightly irritated that you have to bring the whole issue of "Revan fanboys" into this. It bugs me that people have to lump Revan fanboys and individuals like myself who hold that Revan is not a mere Fallen Jedi into the same pile.
Originally Posted by Czerka-agent
Now that i think about it, I think Anakin would win. If he had no armor, and was older (say mid 30's) he would proably kill revan.

If anikan wasn't so damn cocky all the time in is his youth, he probably would stand a fair chance.
These statements have some reason. Let us look at the two characters:

-Moderately High Force Potential (as described by many KOTOR and TSL sources)
-Extremely High Focus (trained under many Jedi Masters including Kreia, and studied at Malachor and Korriban)
-Strong Mental Discipline (very tactical, rational mind that eventually resurfaced following the events of K1)

-Extremely High Force Potential (because he is Teh Chosen 1)
-Little Focus (solves situations by using lots of brute force, very much a berserker)
-Low Mental Discipline (behaves very irrationally, easily influenced and controlled)

Now, if he were this:

-Extremely High Force Potential
-Strong Focus
-Strong Mental Discipline

He immediately stands a better chance at fight Revan. However, to be come NEW! IMPROVED! Anakin, he has to stop being the Anakin he is before he becomes Vader since his weaknesses come from his personality and lack of experience. Also, he will essentially be this:

-Extremely High Force Potential
-Strong Focus
-Strong Mental Discipline

Originally Posted by Redhawke
For the record I looked up "False Sith" on Google and there seems to be a fanon reference for a False Sith Crusade far after the OT occured (mentions Imperial Remnants) and or maybe something Bane may have said about other Sith Lords (which doesn't make it fact), once I saw a link to this very thread and your post on the first page of the search I concluded the term you used here "False Sith" was likely of your own making for Revan's status. As such your arguments validity goes right into the dumpster.

So don't call others on leaving logic behind when you are just as guilty of it yourself in the very same post.

If you have some sort of link to where you got this "False Sith" information I would be happy to check it out.
As adamqb points out, I am referring to Sith who are not part of the racial group that the Ancient Sith belongs to. A False Sith not only lacks the blood heritage of an Ancient Sith, but since the False Sith began as Dark Jedi using Sith artifacts (Exar Kun, Krath, etc.), then they are less likely to have inherited a true understanding of the Sith philosophy that the Ancients probably had. However, that the understanding part is I admit mostly speculation.
Wasn't Revan trained as a Jedi? Doesn't that technically make him a Jedi?
Except he stopped being a Jedi and became a Sith.
Originally Posted by Forogorn
I don't believe that Revan is the most powerful Jedi or Sith. I believe that he is the weakest, most pathetic Jedi or Sith ever.

Reasons why Revan is weak:
1. He didn't sense Malak's betrayal.
2. He made Malak died, if he didn't go turn to the Dark Side this would have never happened.
3. He was easily captured by Bastila and the Jedi.
4. He lost his memory.
5. He caused many death and pain from turning to the Dark Side.
6. He gave no mercy to Mandalore the Ultimate.
7. He can easily be defeated by the duelist on Taris unless he regains his strength.
8. He couldn't easily persuade Juhani to turn back to the Light Side, if he was a master of persuasion, he could have done that quickly, but he couldn't.

I mentioned some of those before. Revan may be totally awesome, but think of some reasons to bring him down and crush him. I really like saying how the strongest can be the weakest at the same time.
In addition to what Mono pointed out, I like to remind you of your previous statements.
Originally Posted by You
If Revan was smart, he would have told the Republic that he will pretend to join the Dark Side, since he didn't, it caused a lot of deaths, including his own apprentice, Darth Malak. So it's Revan's fault for his stupidity. He also disobeyed the Jedi Council and went to war, which led to Mandalore the Ultimate's death. He shouldn't have used his power for offense, he should have used it for defense. Anakin on the other hand was a hero at the end. Anakin was the true Chosen One, he actually did save the Republic and finished the prophecy, but it was until the end, so he did it very late. He was suppose to be the savior of the Republic, and he was because he killed Darth Sidious. Without Anakin there'd be no Luke. Both of them have their negatives, so they're both equal. Still....Anakin was original.
Then you wrote:
Originally Posted by You
LordofHunger, what I'm trying to say, is that they both are weak and powerful at the same time, they have weaknesses and strength.
So first you say that Revan sucks and Anakin is uber 1337, then you say that Revan and Anakin both have strong and weak points, now you are just saying that Revan sucks again. What are you trying to say exactly?

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