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Originally Posted by Zwier Zak View Post
Hundreds of games have missions where you have to save someone/kill someone. So that's not really an argument. Jedi Knight had big levels with puzzles, well balanced force powers, the possibility to use other weapons, a likable character and all games of the series take place after the battle of Endor. TFU has none of those things. I still fail to see how people could thing of TFU as a successor to the JK series.
Well the only way would be that this is an EU based game where you play as a Jedi type character with sabers and Force in an action setting.

The thing is though that the JK series has been known for having online multiplayer (besides an intense SP experience), plus the ability to use OTHER weapons besides the saber (a LOT more than just your fists or a pistol... in fact I don't know if even THOSE are available in TFU).

Star Wars: Obi-Wan (Xbox only) was probably closer to a JK game than this one will be (at least from what we know of the "Sith Edition" on the PC)... and in fact at the time it was being developed as a PC game, it was even being promoted as the "successor."

I guess because at the time JK was released, there wasn't really any solid simulation of lightsaber combat on home systems yet, and so the series has taken that concept and developed it, which is what most gamers are probably familiar with... yet we don't see every new lightsaber game hailed as "the next JK game" (as most of them just use hack and slash like an old school fighting game's melee weapons).

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