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Originally Posted by allanm View Post
This was the first training session, she's a soldier level 6. After playing with the .uti and changing the base model to Jedi Knight Robe, I got her grey bathrobe back.
I have found the culprit... You can't wear most Jedi robes in the game without having the Jedi Defense feat, so she is not yet a Jedi (only level 6 soldier). The Jedi Robe is the one that her robe was changed to (I prefer the non-bathrobe model and that is what I skinned for her) and they do require the Jedi Defense feat to equip them as do the Master Robes, hence why you won't be able to use them until she becomes a Jedi class.

As this is controlled by baseitems.2da (not included in my mod) you can feel free to remove this restriction on your end, just remove the feat requirement of the Jedi Robe item type and save it to override and everyone will be able to wear the basic Padawan Robes.

If you aren't able to do this then you simply need to wait until she becomes a Jedi class... this is nothing I did but how it is in the stock game.

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