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Originally Posted by adamqd View Post
I think LOH was merely using the phrase as to not Include the True Sith, ie; The Old Sith Empire, and his use of this Phrase whether real or not does not add or detract from the point he was making.
I disagree... it detracts from his argument in that by "pulling some phrase out of his backside" as part of his argument he is not clinging to logic himself, which is "leaving logic behind" in his own post when he is calling others on doing the very same thing in the same post.

If I call someones 'logic' into question I try to do it without any embellishment on my part, perhaps that is just me?

Originally Posted by Lord of Hunger View Post
As adamqb points out, I am referring to Sith who are not part of the racial group that the Ancient Sith belongs to. A False Sith not only lacks the blood heritage of an Ancient Sith, but since the False Sith began as Dark Jedi using Sith artifacts (Exar Kun, Krath, etc.), then they are less likely to have inherited a true understanding of the Sith philosophy that the Ancients probably had. However, that the understanding part is I admit mostly speculation.
So you are talking basically apocrypha here, as it is a term you coined here... kk, got it.

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