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I don't think so. That WOULD certainly be a slap in the face to PC gamers to make
us wait a year just to get a handful of missions out of context. I think the chances
of that happening are pretty much zero though.

IF you read it on Gamespot, you should have copied the link and posted it here.

Do you mean it was stated in an article, or did just some random person post it as a comment
to an article or in a forum?

The game has box art and is listed as a physical product you can purchase from,
not as a "direct download." Many games these days do let you
purchase a "Download" of a game (which I personally wouldn't do, because I'd rather
have a physical backup, so if I did do such a thing I'd burn it to a disc immediately...
plus you wouldn't get the cool box art and physical manual that way, and you wouldn't
save that much money I would think).

This option may be available for TFU:USE (I don't see why not), but making the
game content SIMPLY a download would be silly. First off, PC gamers have never had
the game before. So unlike say, Xbox360 users would could theoretically already have
the "Main game" and then download the "bonus content" off of XBL (if it was made available),
PC gamers need the whole game.

Would they really just put a handful of "bonus levels" with the game's engine on a DVD
and call it a "game" for the PC? That would be pretty ridiculous, I agree!
But that just doesn't seem to be any REASON to do that. The game is already finished,
and if the "physics" work in the bonus missions, then they should work fine in the rest
of the game as well. If anything, those bonus missions will have to be designed to be
"more advanced" or "more flashy" than the rest of the game, or else nobody will want
to play them (or have complained about them already since most of them have already
been playable on the consoles before now). Thus the game requirements on the PC should
not be an issue. Who would want to pay full price for just a handful of bonus levels that
have no context (no previous game to explain where they came from)?

TFU:USE is just The Force Unleashed for PS3/360, ported to console plus a bonus pack.

There's no official word that that is what we're getting ("JUST the bonus missions,
nothing else"), so I'd challenge you to post that info before you keep us up late at night
worrying about it!

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