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Moxie was staring at the fire for a short period of time. She didn't know how long... but it seemed so calming. It was as if she could feel the heat comforting her.

"Feels nice doesn't it, the flame."

Moxie blinked from her trance, and glanced up at her side. She smiled as she gently took the apple sauce and spoon. "Oh, yes. Very nice. Thank you." The young girl opened her snack, and began to eat quietly.

After she took another apple sauce, Moxie looked up at Ashtin and smiled. "Ya know... for a Vampire, you sure are nice."


"Exactly how fast can that thing of yours go."

Sonya looked back at her Camper van. "Well... pretty fast. Don't worry, we'll catch up right behind ya."

Davy and Rosalyn agreed. "I hope Moxie's okay..." Rosalyn said worryingly.

"I'm pretty sure she is, Rosie. Don't worry," Davy replied, placing his arm around her shoulder.
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