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((G'Night, everyone! See you all tomorrow! ))

"My parents preached about showing the humans that we were not just blood thristy beasts. But because of resent acts by a different clan, my family was blamed. I wasn't able to make it home before sunrise, so by the time I returned to my home....nothing...remained. But the stench of human hatred was in the air."

The young girl felt really bad for Ashtin. She could now see why he hated Humans, and why he would eat them instead of being friends with them. Would she do the same, if she were a Vampire?

"You much be tired. I will escort you to your room if you wish to stay."

Moxie stood up, and placed the apple sauce cup and spoon down. Then she nodded. "Yes. I'd... I'd like that very much. Thank you..."
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