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"Well... pretty fast. Don't worry, we'll catch up right behind ya."

"Alright, too bad we don't have a lead. That thing was a vampire and he could be anywhere with her right now."

John kicked his car in anger. After the pain went away an idea popped into his head.

"Does she have a phone, we could call her."

Jericho began hit hunt for the other vampire. He took off his sunglasses and pulled down his bandana. It might have been dark out but with his eyes it looked plain as day. He began walking in a direction he thought the vampire would go and ended up in front of a manhole. He looked down and smelled the bad air.

Oh you're good, but not good enough. I won't let another life be taken by you.

Jericho used the "cross-com" to talk to Conrad.

"Our vampire used the sewers to esapce, I'm going to follow him."

With that Jericho jumped down into the murky water.
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