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Originally Posted by PastramiX View Post
Well, my faith in LucasArts delivering quality products became quashed yet again; I found out that DF2 doesn't have any of its CD-based music in the Steam version. Not to mention, it also crashes everything I try to menu save; it lacks 3D hardware acceleration, and I'm forced to play all of the cutscenes in windowed-mode. Of course, LA would have the resources to correct all of this; they own the source code, naturally, and have all of the manpower to rewrite several components to make the SITH engine OpenGL/AL-compliant, but they lack the will to do so. Unfortunately, it's become a rather recent trend to expect this, particularly from LucasArts.

Yet once again, you have my sincerest regards, LA.

Is anyone else having these problems? I was considering buying this since I never played Dark Forces 1 or 2 and haven't gone through JKII:JO in years, but I'm not going to get them if they're buggy.

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