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No normal person would ever say that in polite conversation. I personally would not even quote it in polite conversation. However, I did once listen for frogs out at Granger lake because the SCIENCE demands answers to how many frogs there are alive out there. They can be horribly malformed by pesticides but hey, if they croak they count. I can just see the frogs without any legs using its jaw to hop around on and croaking at the same time. And then the ladyfrogs come around to check the handsome croaker out and see him flopping around on the ground like a fish except more amphibianish. "No way, Jim! I can't be seen with something so absolutely aesthetically revolting that I almost lose my last fly just looking at you!" That's what they'd say to Jim, and then they'd wonder off in search of a more froglike frog. And then Jim would croak again, and again--- but no one would come, and he'd still croak because his brain has been so damaged by the toxic runoff that he is unable to grasp his existential situation and the electrical signals in his brain fire the command to croak again uselessly, uselessly. Such a piteous image! Did anyone ever tell you you have issues, Darathy? Because if not, let me be the first to say: You have issues. Issues with frogs, several issues with suspect ladyfolk, issues with

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