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Originally Posted by JesusIsGonnaOwnSatan View Post
what do you mean?
... the game has no music??
Essentially, yes, the music files aren't even included with the Steam version.
Originally Posted by MrWally
Is anyone else having these problems? I was considering buying this since I never played Dark Forces 1 or 2 and haven't gone through JKII:JO in years, but I'm not going to get them if they're buggy.
Both DF1 & 2 are completely playable; knock yourself out. DF1 uses DOSBox, so it runs flawlessly. DF2, while playable, is subject to crashing when doing anything else other than simply playing the game (Changing settings, saving via the menu, etc.)
Originally Posted by Samuel Dravis
I don't know about the Steam versions, but IIRC the CD versions of JK and MotS both worked pretty well on my XP64 system. At least I don't remember it crashing a lot, although I think the menu was a bit buggy. Nothing unplayable though.
DF2 is entirely playable, even on Win7 64-bit; It's just extremely temperamental.

The Steam forums are also a beehive; apparently everyone has these problems.

And for those wanting a better DF1 experience, see here.
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