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Cannon in Star Wars seemingly can have contradictions. Gearge Lucas has have veto power though. Unless he says outright, "Anikan would beat Revan" then debate is fair game. Though, if he said Jar Jar Binks became a greater Jedi than Mace, then I will have to rethink the "veto power" thing.

As for Reven vs. Anikan, people love Revan, but all the same it's not just fanboyism. Many have issues with Anikan. Anikan looks like boyband singer. He's too distracted with other things, lacking discipline to better himself. He's like a prodigy with wasted talent. He'd be better served joining a boyband or else loosing his prettyboy limbs and face so that he can be remade into someone greater. (despite the loss of midichlorians)

I think the whole "balance to the force" thing was a failure (not in Lucas' story) but in himself. He dropped the ball, so his seed (Luke) had to fulfill the prophecy that was intended for him. At least, in an indirect way, Anikan still fulfilled the prophecy by producing a child. (oh yeah, and the "Twin Sister!")

Does anyone reach their maximum potential? No human ever does. You can argue that Anikan had a higher level of potential than Revan, but Anikan didn't and wouldn't realize even a small fraction his potential. Chief reasons were his teenager discipline and emotional issues. Anikan was a failed prodigy, but that's ok since most prodigy's have a hard time getting past their inevitable issues. In real life, most of the time it's the ones with discipline and willpower and not the prodigy's that make the most money or gain political power. Unless you have an alternate universe (where Anikan didn't get chopped up by Obi, and where he actually had discipline, and he had more time to grow up, and he would actually have focus) then Anikan would be a playtoy for Revan.

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