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Ah, the Zune HD has landed for US people only atm... It looks like a great PMP, and with Tegra under the hood has alot of potential yet to be unlocked as far as being a games machine like the touch.

Personally, Im still not sure I want one... if it was also a phone... yes.

We'll see what apps/games its gets before making a call on how it will fare on that front.

Here is engadgets review, plenty of pics and vids

edit: It looks like it hasnt been added to the updates bit yet (cheeky negsun!) but the latest DirectX compile has been released a few weeks ago in early August. It will take Vista users to DX11 to be on par with Windows 7 RTM systems. Of course atm the Direct3D11 liraries will be doing jack all, but at least the DX10 updates may actually do some good with certain apps and games

More info/Download the standalone DirectX August 2009 Redist Here [103MB]


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