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Quanons Crazy Projects!

Since WIP threads are taking Holowan by storm again, well so it seems these days, I thought I join the frenzy!

Yeah, I said I stopped modding, but the bug has me bitten again, well it never left would be closer to the trueth.

But, hey, you're not here to read my rambling thought, you're here to see, what I've been doing.

So... let's see.

ACTIVE PROJET: Korriban Expanded.

The idea here is to revised my old Temple. Its a real old mod done by me and I found it needed a sort of 2.0 version.

Ofcourse just making a temple and dump it somewhere isn't that nice. So I had the idea to enlarge Korriban, just a bit, so it would all fit together better.

The plan:

- Add a canyon.
- Add ruined part of an old Sith city
- Add temple and its interiour
- Add possible a Palace and its interiour.

In all these areas, there will be some baddies to fight and some goodies to find. No real large quest thing, just some good old exploring!

The progress so far? The canyon is almost finished in the texture department, from there its going to get a walkmesh and some export mania happens: with hopefully a good looking area in the game.

Here are a few renders of various stages of the model:

Show spoiler


You can read more about this in J7's thread, but I might dump some modelling shots in here aswell.

Pending PROJET: Aqualaris.

This baby has been in production for almost a year. It all started with some crazy chatting with GloveMaster, before we knew it we had some nice ideas and agreed to work it out.

Its a large thing, as its a new planet, with a large quest! The planet itself is like Taris meets Manaan, underwater city fun, though without the Selkath.

Its run by big Arkanian medicale firms and they're doing stuff that can't see the day light and it just so happens it all goes wrong when you're there.

If it evers gets finished this puppy will be made out of 8 to 9 new module models. So far about 3 of them are in game.

Not only are there new module models, but a ton of new placeables I just created for this setting. Of course most of the stuff is still just ideas in a notepad, but I'll do my best and keep working on this, its just not my highest priorty right now.

Some screenshots of an area dubbed the Residential Zone aka shopping, drinking cantina and a Pazaak den!

Show spoiler

Pending PROJET: Scrapyard Games.

Yeah, this oldy still hasn't been released, thanks to real life!
Glovemaster was my main compadré on this project to, saddly, "EVIL" college has taken his time away.

So its again on a hold, untill I learn some better scripting I might get this out on my own. Most things are finished on this mod.

Well that wraps it up, on what've been doing.
Stay tuned for more news!

Oh, linky to my Photobucket, if you want to see more shots and renders:

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