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"I'm afraid I don't have a washer or dryer for your cloths. Once the sun comes up it might be wise to leave and find your friends. I have a feeling here will only be safe for the night."

Moxie nodded quietly. She felt scared of sleeping in a room with a Vampire around... but she knew she could trust him. If he didn't plan on harming her...

"Get plenty of sleep."

The young girl smiled. "I will. Thank you again, Ashtin. I..." She bit her lower lip, glancing down at the floor. Then she looked back up at Ashtin. "I really wish there was a way to change your mind. Not all Humans are bad, ya know." She rubbed her neck.

"Good night."


"Does she have a phone, we could call her."

Rosalyn smiled. "Yeah! Yeah, she does! Let's call her."

Sonya nodded. "Good idea." She began to take out her cell phone.

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